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Professional Training Available from Skål USA Resource Center

March 1, 2017 by liskal in News

The latest issue of the Skål USA Newsletter, 2017 Skål USA Journeys, is now available at the club website

Two useful items in the newsletter that you might be interested in are links to professional development webinars presented last year and earlier.

Public Relations Tips

The first, focused on Public Relations, gives tips on how to define, distinguish, and position yourself with all the right public relations tools.

Presented by SI Orlando’s Kathy Hernandez, President of KHA PR, this Skål International USA webinar is intended to help equip you with the tools to help you get your message out better.

Click Here to View the Recording

Selling to Millennials

The second was designed to help you sell to Millennials. As we continue to bring in the next generation of young professionals into the working ranks as well as the bulk of our customer base, we need to understand their motivation – needs and wants. This emerging group is very unique in their interests, communication methods and reference points. In order to better incorporate them into Skål as well as leverage their increasing buying power, we must first try to understand and relate to their lifestyles and career concepts as well as how to reach them and get them to engage.

The Selling to Millennials Webinar was presented by Charlie Funk, SI Nashville.

Click Here to View the Recording